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About us

We are a Swedish image agency that offers pictures from various events around the country as well as from the Swedish everyday.

Usually you have to be a company or in the media industry to gain access to image servers - We think outside the box when just everyone has exactly the same access and opportunity to use our images.

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As said, we keep our focus on Sweden.

We are several affiliated photographers from different locations around the country who capture everything from daily events, places, buildings and other things that Sweden has to offer.

We do not close any boundaries when we see opportunities together with the rest of the world - we are open to everyone..

Upcoming Events

Every day we send out information about various events our photographers will photograph. If you want to know more and take part of these mailings, please enter your email address below and click on subscribe or visit our calendar online here!

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All of our connected photographers work as freelance and are found around the country.

Are you or your company / organization or you as a private person in need of a photographer for an upcoming event that you want to memorize through pictures so do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can find a good solution together.