2019-01-19 | Växjö, Sweden: during the Quality Hotel Games at Telekonsult Arena ( Photo by: Fredrik Sten | Swe Press Photo )
2019-01-16 | Ljungby, Sweden: during the game between IF Troja / Ljungby and Vimmerby HC at Ljungby Arena ( Photo by: Fredrik Sten | Swe Press Photo )
2019-01-19 | Kallinge, Sweden: Krif hockey (75) Melker Persson and If Troja/Ljungby (72) Simon Morberg have some fun during the game between Krif hockey and IF Troja/Ljungby at Soft Center Arena (Photo by: Jonathan Persson | Swe Press Photo)

2019-01-20 | Solna, Sweden: Måns Höglin (88) during the game between AIK IBF and Team Thorengruppen SK at Solnahallen ( Photo by: Simon Holmgren | Swe Press Photo )
2019-01-15 | Jönköping, Sweden: During the game between Jönköpings IK and Växjö Vipers at Idrottshuset ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )