2019-02-07 | Tranås, Sweden: Happy players during the game between Sweden and Finland at Stiga Arena ( Photo by: Fredrik Sten | Swe Press Photo )
2019-02-07 | Jönköping, Sweden: FBC Kalmarsund (72) Kalle Bending during the game between Jönköpings IK and FBC Kalmarsund at Idrottshuset ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )
2019-02-07 | Karlskrona, Sweden: The firefighters from the emergency services (Räddningstjänsten Östra Blekinge) practice ice diving at Fisktorget in Karlskrona (Photo by: Jonathan Persson | Swe Press Photo)
2019-02-09 | Jönköping, Sweden: Skat competition in the KFUM Youth House Jönköping. The competition consisted of Junior 8-16 years and senior Man / Lady. (Photo by: Jens Sehlstedt | Swe Press Photo)
2019-02-09 | Nyköping, Sweden: Ville Hirvisuo (13) during the game between Onyx IBK and Visby IBK at Rosvalla ( Photo by: Simon Holmgren | Swe Press Photo )