2019-02-24 | Helsingborg, Sweden:during the game between Eskilsminne IF and Hammarby IF at Helsingborg Olympia Plan 10 ( Photo by: Mikael Axelsson | Swe Press Photo )

2019-02-20 | Jönköping, Sweden: Göran ”Guran” Blomgren during the concert Songs to Freedom – A Tribute to Björn Afzelius at Theather of Jönköping ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )

2019-02-21 | Malmö, Sweden: during the game between Sweden and Danmark at Baltiska Arenan ( Photo by: Mikael Axelsson | Swe Press Photo )

2019-02-24 | Ljungby, Sweden: Södermanland (7) Alice Wallin gets interviewed during the game between Stockholm and Södermanland at Ljungby Arena ( Photo by: Fredrik Sten | Swe Press Photo )

2019-02-23 | Eslöv, Sweden: Eslövs IK vs HK Aranäs at Eslövshallen, Eslöv. Photo by: Jimmy Palm I Swe Press Photo