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We are a Swedish image agency working across the country to document events and everyday things that reflect the news flow or just typically Swedish things for the whole world to take part off.

Royalty free
All photos in our database are so-called royalty free. It means that once you buy an image you can use it over and over again. All you need to think about is to write the photographer’s name and source everytime the photo is published in a byline, according to the following guideline.. Photo by: Firstname Lastname | Swe Press Photo.

The right size
If you going to use the image in a newspaper or magazine of course you need to buy the original file for best result in the end. But if the idea of use is for example a webpage, you can choose a size that fits according to your image publishing dimensions. There is also the opportunity to buy even smaller sizes that fit well with different social media. The choice is yours and you also choose the price tag that you think is most suitable for your part.

Easy & safe
It is really easy and safe to order as well as download image from us. Select your choice of image, order, pay and you will get it sent right away to your specified email address (check that you entered the correct e-mail address!) as a link to download for you to start using only seconds later (if the image don´t turn up in your email please take a look in the spam folder where it may end up depending on settings from your email provider).

All payment processing of your order is made with the greatest certainty through a incredibly secure handling by PayPal. Read more about Paypal's secure handling of payments here!

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We are a members of the
Image Provider Association, BLF!