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We are a member of the Image Suppliers Association (BLF) and follow recommended prices & standards.


How does Swe Press Photo work?

When you have created an account, please contact us so we can set up your rights to download for direct access!

1. Search

You are searching for the image you want. Use appropriate words, eg a name or product, place and so on. Do you know the date you can search images on the server from that day according to the template "2019-05-09".

2. Lightbox

Once you have created an account, you can add images you have searched in your personal so-called Lightbox to your account.This is like your To-Do list, pictures you are interested in downloading, nothing you are charged for.

3. Download

In your account you can scroll among the pictures you put in your so-called Lightbox. When you click Download, the image is sent with it´s information immediately for a direct use to your specified email address.

Terms & Conditions

All our images are delivered without logo / watermark in high resolution image format and according to The Image Suppliers Association (BLF) price edition for 2019.

All unauthorized image use and not specified byline when publishing will be invoiced also according to BLF's price edition.

See more detailed information below...


All of our images are protected by copyright law. The copyright of the images belongs to Handelsbolaget Swe Press Photo. The copyright of the images does not pass to the Customer when ordering or downloading.

Customer rights

The customer receives the right of use for one-time use when ordering / downloading (In the case of specific agreements between Handelsbolaget Swe Press Photo and Customers with other use agreements, these apply). The publishing right and various publication dates are stated in the invoice from Handelsbolaget Swe Press Photo.


Handelsbolaget Swe Press Photo works and operates under the Press Freedom Regulation and the Freedom of Expression Act - Responsibility according to GDPR rests entirely on the Customer.


The images may not be transferred to third parties or disseminated in several different publications without our knowledge.

Social Media

When publishing on social media, the Customer is not entitled to let the image be lent or shared with any third party who has the opportunity to copy the image for their own use without our permission.


If an image of a person is reproduced in a way or in a context that can be perceived as offensive, derogatory or otherwise sensitive or in an article that the person does not want to participate in, the Customer is responsible for all possible claims for damages. The same applies if the use of the image violates the author's non-profit law.


Any kind of manipulation or other alteration of images, in addition to normal editing, which changes the contents of the image may not take place without special approval by Handelsbolaget Swe Press Photo.

Watermark / Logo

Watermarked images with Swe Press Photo logo visible are free to use for private use on personal web pages / social media and similar channels, but are not free to use in publications or websites / social media for companies or organizations that run a business.


In all publishing of images, the photographer's name must always be stated together with Swe Press Photo in a byline. According to the following example: First name Last name | Swe Press Photo. Excluded or incorrect byline will be invoiced for the current price agreement.