Image Use

Here we describe step by step how to proceed to either buy or use images found from our photographers in the database.

Step 1

Image use

When you have searched and found an image you are interested in, click on More info & actions and you will come to a page with different choices.

If you want to save the image with the watermark (logo) and use it on social media etc. then right-click on the image and select "Save as".

Step 2

Image use

If you want to buy the image without watermarking (logo) on it, click on "Add to cart" and a new window will open where you choose which size you are interested in buying (more info about different sizes for different purposes is written next to each choice).

Then click on Add to cart and come to your page where you review your order before choosing to proceed to the payment when you click Check Out. After this the total summary page comes up where you check that everything matches with what you thought and if so you then click Check Out again.

Step 3

Image use

Now you come to the actual order where you either enter your details or log in with previous user information. Important here is to fill in all the marked fields and double-check so that your email address is correct when the image will be sent directly to your email address after choosing your payment.

Last you select to pay the purchase via PayPal and then you can choose whether you want to use your personal paypal account or enter your payment/credit card. Both options are 100% secure payment!

Step 4

Image use

The last choice is that you click on Add to lightbox, but this option should only be chosen when you are a customer to us and have an account created where you can download images on which you receive invoice as described under the Clients Area in the menu.

All our images are copyrighted so you always need to write the photographers name according to the images copyright information when used.