You want to join the team?

We are actively working to reproduce all kind of events from around Sweden as well as deliver typically Swedish items to our searchable servers for direct downloads for just everyone!


First and the most important thing is that you must love to photograph. And here we really mean, LOVE photograph and It does not matter what equipment you hold as long as your interest is properly focused.


Even though the actual photography is A & O, the embedded to make the images searchable and correctly set for the image description is just as important. We work with metadata in all our images, via IPTC and XMP codes.


Photography can seem simple, but we all know that it is an art together with editing. Managing programs such as Camera Raw, Photoshop / Lightroom and Photo Mechanic is a big must when work with an image agency.


We usually work under relatively fast deliveries that occur during and immediately after different events which require a lot of control and of all images, programs and routines as well as dealing with some stress.

Here for you!

Of course, we understand that you have questions about everything that it means joining the team around Swe Press Photo as a photographer.

We photographers who are joining Swe Press Photo today have all been in the same situation and it is always a start-up before everything feels comfortable and under control.

Please contact us with your thoughts and any questions, then we'll take a discussion from there and see where it may ends up.

/ The Team