Marcus is the photographer who was the first to join us at Swe Press Photo when we started the business in early 2018.

”For me there was no hesitating to ask Marcus if he was interested in joining as a photographer when I knew that he photographed much of what Swe Press Photo would build the database around, events and daily things from around Sweden – I am extremely happy that he chose to join us!”

Fredrik Sten, founder of Swe Press Photo


Marcus was born in Vänersborg but now lives with his family, wife Hannah and their three children, in Jönköping where he also photographs most of his works but also other places he visit on occasion are in focus on his Nikon.

Sports to concerts
It all started out with sports photography for Marcus and when you look through the database it is also the part that is dominating, but throughout the year Marcus been working for Swe Press Photo he has proved to be a really good concert photographer as he often documents various shows, concerts and similar performances that take place around Jönköping and its surroundings.

For Marcus it don´t need to be an event to load his camera. He often takes the opportunity to photograph urban environments, nature and more when he is able to do so, for example when he is outdoors and playing with his children, it´s rather so that the camera comes along than that it stays home.

Below are some of Marcus pictures from the database:

2018-03-23 | Jönköping, Sweden: Frölunda HC 32 Ludvig Persson during the second quarterfinal-game between HV71 J20 and Frölunda HC J20 at Kinnarps Arena ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )
018-10-20 | Jönköping, Sweden: Singer Magnus Bruto during the Angus concert at Velvet Lounge ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )
2018-03-18 | Jönköping, Sweden: Opening act Smith and Tell sings before Darin Zanyars concert at Jönköpings Konserthus ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )
2018-06-16 | Jönköping, Sweden: The laser show at 2018 Summer DreamHack at Elmia ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )
2018-07-06 | Hok, Sweden: Mariette during the Diggiloo show at Hooks Herrgård ( Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo )

If you want to contact Marcus Vilson, you can reach him either by mail or by phone +4672 267 10 57. You can also search all image that Marcus has uploaded to the image database – Click here!