Oh my, It has already been almost an entire year since we at Swe Press Photo started up this business.

We have gone from one man’s thoughts and ideas to about ten photographers from different locations around Sweden (but there are always place for more photographers with the same interest) who all been contribute to an image database that gets bigger and bigger for every day.

We always try to cover as many different events as possible and have been given the opportunity to regularly be in several arenas like sports, concert halls and theaters etc throughout the year after a fine collaboration with various event-organizers which we are really grateful for.

Now that we are aiming for a new year and the year two for Swe Press Photo, we do it with good experience and with a straightforward self-confidence as a reliable image agency that delivers professional images in a quick, simple, secure and modern way for everyone to continue to take part of – Which always will be the most important thing for Swe Press Photo to allow just everyone to be a part of our image database whether you are a private person, organisations or different kind of media company.

Now that we sum up the premiere year, we do it with very good mines and memories as well as over 10,000 high resolution images in the database which we set as the goal to achieve at the start.

The first milestone is reached, now the construction remains.

A few events remain for us to take part of and do our best to reproduce before the year goes on until 2019 and well there no one knows what is happening, but one thing is certain that Swe Press Photo have just awakened to life and we barely got up the steam so this coming year will be amazing.

Thank you all for 2018!

/ The Team
Photo by: Marcus Vilson | Swe Press Photo